Our values

Five points of pride that the Rendercon ethos is based on are:


Rendercon have an exceptional track record when it comes to relaying information to clients, coordinating work and keeping all parties up-to-date with the progress of a project. We pride ourselves on excellent communication across all our sites, ensuring all stakeholders are aware of projected schedule of works, while taking in to account everyone’s needs and requirements.

Friendly and approachable staff

Rendercon put a strong emphasis on being friendly and approachable to people of all walks of life and backgrounds on every project.
Whether this is a resident within a residential building we are working on, or an employee of a business, all our staff are trained and willing to answer questions. We act professionally and conduct our trade with the good manners and courtesy you would expect from any highly respected profession.

Everyone within the business is also treated with this same respect, our business culture is based on integrity, honesty, reliance and responsibility developing a workplace where every member is proud to be apart of the team!

Tangible solutions

Rendercon delivers viable solutions to meet client needs. The company has a huge wealth of practical experience, in-depth knowledge of design and detail with an arsenal of tried and proven methods pertaining to the construction industry. We also consider our close working relationships with architects, designers, manufacturers and certifiers a crucial part of what we do providing clients the absolute assurance that they are receiving the top possible service and solution, tailored to their specific requirements. We work to realistic budgets that fit expectations.

Exceptional workmanship

Each one of Rendercons’ tradespeople are a specialist and master in their respective fields, they are proud of what they can achieve and deliver. Having access to trusted, loyal, top quality tradespeople ensures that our clients are receiving what has been negotiated in their specification and contract.

Clients can be assured that specifications are being followed to the letter while methods and systems are being installed and applied correctly. This is the only way in which Rendercon conducts its business, ensuring you are getting exactly what you are paying for.


Like all businesses, if there is unbalance in the team culture there is room for error! Rendercon make it absolutely clear that labourers, tradespeople and management staff alike; all are equal within the Rendercon ranks and are treated accordingly, with respect!

Each member has an individual responsibility and role within the business, and each member is deemed just as crucial as the next. This creates harmony in the running of Rendercon projects. We are all very proud of what we do and we all strive to impress.

We believe Rendercon is unrivaled within the building maintenance industry when it comes to delivering successfully executed projects in the most cheerful mannered and unified fashion.

Our work, testimonials and references speak for themselves and we encourage everyone to engage with our past clients.