Comprehensive maintenance and enhancement systems

Working with Rendercon, building owners and managers alike, will discover that there is much more to preventative maintenance than a scheduled maintenance programme.

Our maintenance system and objectives save future expense from repeat work where products and systems have inferior or limited life spans.

Our systems are implemented using well thought-out design and detail choices, providing purpose driven superior life spans. We use world-leading technologies and systems to avoid or eliminate, repeat maintenance; or re-installations of similar but inferior systems that have been standard choices within the building maintenance industry for years.

While it is imperative that all buildings should be routinely checked, Rendercon use this opportunity to catch unforeseen problems that have the potential, if left unaddressed, to cause major problems in the future. Ultimately this is a time and cost saving to building owners and managers.

Project management:

At Rendercon we provide efficient client-focussed project management. We deliver multi-faceted projects from beginning to completion, communicating with stakeholders at crucial stages, while monitoring and organising all collaborative teams.

We reduce risk for building owners and building managers providing well managed well executed delivery within budget.

Water Tightness and Repair:

Sealers, silanes and hydrophobic systems
Crack repairs to all substrate types
Waterproofing membranes
External protective coatings
Building water tightness

Building Maintenance:

Light building/carpentry work
Plastering exterior/interior
Painting and decorating
Insulated overlay systems

Remedial and Enhancement:

Cladding systems
Insulated overlay systems
Light engineering/ steel work
Concrete/masonry repairs (including concrete cancer)